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At The Dog Hotel, we take care to provide our guests high quality care personalized to their unique needs.  
Our boarding kennel is an indoor facillity that is always kept at a comfortable temperature. Cool in the summer and warm in the winter.  Each dog or group of dogs from the same home are kept in their own safe kennel. These kennels are not crates, they are chain linked kennels about 6 ft long by 3 ft wide with some larger and some smaller to accommodate different sizes and groups of dogs. We have a very large fenced exercise area out back divided into six different sections so that multiple dogs may be put out to play and take care of their doggy business at the same time while still separated by fences for their protection. 
Right Next door to the boarding facility is our home and an atached clean quiet Grooming facility where your dog is kept separate from the more energetic environment of the Boarding Kennel.   Our Gentle, Patient groomer Prides herself in Providing your dog with the most positive grooming experience possible.

$30 per day for 1 dog
$40 per day for 2 dogs in a shared kennel
$50 per day for 3 dogs in a shared kennel
$50 per day for 2 dogs in separate kennels

If you have more than 3 dogs or need multiple kennels. Please contact us for a quote.
This price includes food if your dog can eat the kennel food.  
We proudly serve our guests Red Paw Dog Food which is a high Protein High Fat dog food.  We have never seen a dog turn it down.
Otherwise you will need to bring your own food.

Please note that we charge by the day - not by the night.
Grooming Prices

Grooming is priced by the hour and tailored to your dogs specific needs. All services like ear cleaning, toe nail trimming and anal gland expression are included at no additional cost.

Small dog      $55 per hour

Medium dog  $60 per hour

Large dog     $65 per hour

X-Large dog $70 per Hour

Matted,hard to hadle ,or very dirty dogs will be charged an additional $10 per hour 

Most dogs that are groomed regularly can be groomed in 1-2 hours. The longer a dog goes between groomings without regular brushing the more time it takes the groomer. For this reason we have found a by the hour price range to be the most fair for everyone.

​Nail Trim                      $25
Trim and file                 $30
Nail color                      $20
Anal Gland expression $40
​Quick Brush (boarding clients only) $20-$60
Doggy Transportation

We will pick up and deliver your pet from your home within the Delta Area.

$25 One way
$50 Round Trip